Subscription information

Shredify is a paid subscription app that bills according to the billing plan you selected when signing up.

Monthly: On the same date each month

Six Monthly: Every six calendar months

Yearly: Every twelve calendar months

Your subscription will continue until the end of days, or until you cancel it manually.

Switch Body Shape Goal

Navigate to ‘Your Settings’, select ’Questionnaire’ and from the drop down menu select your new body shape goal. A tick will appear to confirm you have successfully switched training goals, and your workouts will be different from thereon.

Cancel subscription

Navigate to ‘Your Settings’, then under the billing section, select ’Subscription’ and press ‘Unsubscribe’. A message will appear confirming your subscription is cancelled, you will not be charged again. Note you will still be able to enjoy all the benefits of Shredify and can keep using your account until the end of your billing period, at which point you will need to subscribe to regain access to your account. If you let your billing cycle lapse before re-subscribing, any progress towards your body shape goal may be lost.

Refund policy

No refunds will be given, unless a genuine medical reason is provided, from the account holder, that explains why the account holder was unable to cancel their subscription before they were charged. A signed letter from a medical professional will be accepted as proof, and should be sent to, where one of our support team are able to make a decision on a case by case basis. It should be noted that once a payment is made, Shredify is under no obligation to refund monies and any refunds given are discretionary.

Promotional codes

If you’re lucky enough to be in possession of a 'coupon code’ just enter it when prompted during the sign up process. The conditions of the coupon code will be displayed and you can enjoy whatever fantastic savings are being offered. Shredify is unable to refund any monies due to a coupon code either not being entered, or not being entered correctly.

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